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The Ultra Processed Canned Foods No One Over 40 Should Be Eating Anymore.              March 28, 2023

21 Breakfast Habits Making You Gain Weight.

Eat This Not That                      April 17, 2023

30 Foods That Are Packed With Fibre

Men’s Health                                  May 3, 2023

7 Foods to Relieve Constipation

Forbes                                      August 23, 2023

Which Healthy Drink is Best For You?

Silver Sneakers                           August 24, 2023

How to Support Loved Ones with Little or No Appetite.

Carewell                                 May 25, 2023

Special Diets and Feeding Assistance in Senior Living.

Forbes                                            September 12, 2023

11 Healthy Habits That Are Making You Gain Weight

Best Life Online                              October 9, 2023              

Can Smoothies Help You Lose Weight?

Very Well Fit                                 September 29, 2023

The #1 Nutrient to Help Lower Cholesterol

Eating Well                                      November 9, 2023

Experts Reveal Why Apple Cider Vinegar is a Fat Burning Drink..

She Finds                                        November 10, 2023

The 3 Worst Processed Foods that Slow Down Your Metabolism and Make You Gain Weight.

Yahoo                                                      November 27, 2023